Here at Duro Rock, we strive to provide shipping methods to deliver our natural stone products to you in the most timely, most cost-effective and safest way possible.  After all, that is part of our motto “Landscape Rock-Delivered Direct To You”.  From a single pallet to a full semi load, we can set up the shipping for you! See more info below.

Side dump trailers- our bulk boulders are primarily delivered on side-dump trailers. We can mix and match sizes and varieties to make a full load.

Grapple trailer- Why use the grapple trailer?
  • Get direct deliveries to jobsites where you don't have room to dump a side dump trailer saving you time and money transferring boulders on a small trailer.
  • Split deliveries, part of the load to the job site and part of load to your shop.
  • Need part load of bulk boulders and part load of palletized products? With grapple trailers removable sides we can combine these products to make a full load. 
End dump trailer-  Another method of delivery to help fit your needs

Quarry Direct Full Loads- we may be able to offer you huge savings by shipping you full loads direct from one of the quarries. Please ask us for more details.

Using our extensive range of LTL freight companies, we can ship anything from a single fountain/fire rock on a pallet to five full pallets of flagstone to all parts of US and Canada. Please contact us for a quote or further details.

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